Invited speakers
Presentation title
  • D. Atkinson - Durham, UK
Controlling Anisotropy and Magnetoresistance in NiFe
  • J. Erichsen - Cardiff, UK
Magnetic vision
  • A. Kiessling - FESTO, Germany
Applicability of Soft-magnetic Amorphous Materials as Position Sensors
  • D. Kouzoudis - Patras, Greece
The use of magneto-elastic sensors to study the elastic properties of thin zeolite films
  • E. Kaniusas - Vienna, Austria
Magnetostrictive bilayer sensors: from technology to application
  • N. Lupu - Iasi, Romania
Biologically inspired microsensors based on magnetostrictive nanowires
  • C. Riley - COBHAM, UK
Solving inverse electromagnetic sensing problems using pareto optimization
  • P. Ripka - Prag, Czech Republic
Testing and calibration of magnetic field sensors
  • I. Sasada - Kyushu, Japan
Fluxgate magnetometers for an active magnetic shield with separate magnetic shells
  • T. Uchiyama - Nagoya, Japan
Human bio-magnetic field measurement using pico-tesla sensitivity amorphous wire magneto-impedance sensor
  • M. Vazquez - Madrid, Spain
Magnetization process of ordered arrays of antidot films with controlled pore size and thickness
  • V. Zaspalis - FERROXCUBE, Greece
New ferrite materials and cores with very low losses
  • A. Zhukov - San Sebastian, Spain
Fast magnetization switching in thin wires: magnetoelastic and defects contributions


Last Update: 16 July, 2012